Inlet: Contributions to Archaeology is a new open-access journal under the Archaeology Press banner. Inlet publishes articles from the fields of archaeology, bioanthropology, and heritage. Inlet welcomes short contributions that communicate findings, reflect on new directions in the field, and disseminate information that may not fit under the purview of traditional publication venues. Its online publication format supports large amounts of multimedia supplementary information (images, data tables, video, large maps etc.).

Inlet emphasizes short and accessible articles of roughly 1,500–3,000 words, including thoughtful and concise discussions of archaeological sites, features, or case studies/technical memos, preliminary reviews, data pulled from grey literature, and research on legacy collections. We expressly invite submissions from members of the archaeological and heritage consulting community who wish to present the results of their projects in a concise, accessible format.

All articles are peer-reviewed and become freely available online as they are ready.

The following types of articles are welcome for submission to Inlet:

  • Concise description and thoughtful discussion of sites, features, artifacts and other archaeological discoveries (e.g., rare finds, overlooked site types, reevaluation of previous discoveries)
  • Presentation of case studies
  • Summaries of projects or site reports
  • Analyses of legacy collections
  • Expositions of new methodologies and technologies
  • Syntheses of recent developments and theoretical perspectives

Article Processing Charge

The article processing charge (APC) is a one-time publishing fee that helps to cover the costs of open-access publication, replacing the revenue from a subscriptions-based journal model. The $200 charged for finished articles in Inlet covers the costs of journal development, article production, commissioned graphics and artwork, and occasional copy editing and proofreading.

The SFU Central Open Access Fund reimburses open-access APCs for SFU staff, faculty, and students for up to two publications per year. Eligible authors publishing in Inlet will have the APC covered up front—no application for reimbursement required.

Most major universities offer similar forms of open-access publication financial support.